Photo by Stephen Lipson taken at British Grove Studios


Hi…many thanks for visiting my site.

I am a professional musician, currently active in the music industry for approximately 30 years.

I play several instruments, sing, mix, engineer, produce, write, program, musically direct live bands and A&R.

Through many years of experience, I consider myself a highly skilled, genre free utilitarian, adaptable in the art of music and all the technicalities and ambiguities attached to it.

My first notable tour was with Dr Robert Live in Tokyo in ‘90. My first notable songwriting cut was with a former sideman/trumpeter with James Brown Haji Ahkbar and The Funk Ambassadors in ‘92.

Since the early ‘90’s I have been more active than I can accurately recall and I have been blessed to work consistently with many talented Producers, Artists, Musicians, Engineers ,Record Labels and Publishers to date.

If it should interest you here are two independent lists of some of my discography and recordings.

Should you wish to say hi or enquiry about any of my services or work click HERE